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Whirlwind Farm, is a 40 hectare boutique regenerative olive farm. The cottage industries of both olives and olive oil are central to the products produced on the farm. We grow, harvest and cold press all our own olives right here on our farm in Karridale, to produce award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Fused Olive Oils. Our table olives, Kalamata and Californian Queen, which are picked completely by hand and cured for 9-12mths before packaged in brine or in a variety of marinades, that are so tasty, it’s hard to leave the Whirlwind Shop, on site at the farm, without purchasing a pack.

Treking down the regenerative path has led to the introduction of cattle, sheep and poultry to the farming system at Whirlwind, which most is consumed in house, the principles have led to a healthier, more sustainable production system for the whole farm, that we think makes all our products taste better.

“This is our vision. To enjoy our farm, and to ensure our customers share in its bounty.”


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Our Farm

Your'e welcome to call in to visit Whirlwind Farm. You can find us just 26 kilometres south of Margaret River, 1.5km north of Karridale in the South West of Western Australia. 

Buy our Products

Our products are available to purchase from our Farm Shop. If you can't make it out to visit us, kindly contact us and we'll see if we can help you further.

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