In the Pipeline

Macadamia madness

The “Macca” grove looks a little lost and lonely up on a hill towards the back of the Whirlwind property, but given that the trees are eight years old, it is only a matter of time before they begin to fill out and stand their own ground next to the olives.

Fully grown, the trees can be expected to reach almost 10 metres, and will bear up to fifty kilograms of nuts.
Perhaps another product in the slowly expanding Whirlwind range?

Flavoured fantasies

No, it is not a new concept, but Proprietors Imre and Sue Mencshelyi are producing flavoured olive oils to add to their range.

“We’re not expecting this to become a mainstay of our range,” Sue says.

“However, we would like to provide people an option of fused flavoured olive oils different to the stock standard offering, and which might also be a little more affordable.”

And what sorts of flavours can we expect?

“We are experimenting with some different combinations, and will draw on Imre’s wealth of cooking experience to develop something that tastes great and appeals to a range of palates.  It may wind up being a limited edition, and we are curious to see how much interest it generates.”

Keep an eye on the latest news to see what taste sensations finally emerge.

Newsletter notions

Always with an idea up their sleeves, Imre and Sue have set up a Facebook page to keep you up to date with the latest product developments, specials and farm happenings.
If you are interested in receiving the latest news and being on the Whirlwind Olives mailing list, please email confirming your interest.