1    What can I buy?
Whirlwind Olives and Oil currently offers extra virgin olive oil in various quantities.  Alternatively you can provide your own clean and sealable container for any quantity you like.
Table olives are available marinated or you can add your own flavours.

2   The size and product
250ml Extra virgin olive oil
500ml Extra virgin olive oil
750ml Extra virgin olive oil
5L Stainless steel can with oil
Bulk oil in your own container

250ml Fused Lemon, Orange, Basil, Rosemary, Garlic, Mild Chilli and Whirlwind Burner (Hot chilli)
500ml Fused Lemon, Orange, Basil, Rosemary, Garlic, Mild Chilli and Whirlwind Burner (Hot chilli)

Marinated Kalamatas /Californian Queens
Plain Kalamatas / Californian Queens

3    How can I buy it?
Contact us at [email protected]

4    Is it available in the shops?
Our olive oil is currently only available direct from our farm outlet or by deliveries by representatives to the Perth metro area thus bringing you the best price possible.

5    Why is it so cheap?
You can be guaranteed that cheap does not equal poor quality in this case.  Our olive oil is produced with low overheads  and when you provide the container it saves on packaging costs too.  We are aiming at the customers who enjoy a great quality product at a fantastic price.  Judge for yourself!

6    How can I use it?
Because our olive oil is such a good price and yet, has the flavoursome characteristics of other top brands, you can use it virtually any way you like.  This means in cooking – you can substitute it for butter too if you like – drizzling over food to enhance its flavour, on salad, in dressings or with balsamic vinegar and fresh crusty bread.  You are only limited by your imagination.

7    Where is the farm?

12251 Bussell Highway, Karridale, which is 26 kilometres south of Margaret River in the south west of Western Australia.  If you reach the two Karridale service stations, you have travelled south about 1.5 kilometres too far! Map

8    Can I buy oil at the farm?
You can.  Our outlet opening times are Nov – Apr Tuesday-Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm. May – Oct Friday-Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm. Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday. If you are in the area out of these hours and are keen to sample our wares try these numbers 0448 051 277 or  0448 043 944 to prevent disappointment.

9    Do you have any other products?

We do have farm produce as well as Balsamic vinegars, Dukkahs, Macadmamia Nuts.

10    What types of olives do you use?
We grow Paragon and WA Mission for our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  These olive varieties are known for their high oil content and delightful flavours, which make them a great choice for cooking and drizzling over food.
We also grow Kalamata and University of California (UC) for table olives.

11    Is your oil organic?
Our olive grove is not certified organic, but we use organic methods wherever possible. We do not spray the olives or trees with chemicals, and our sheep and hens are natural weed and insect controllers.

12    How can I pay?
Currently we accept cash, EFT/bank transfer and credit card at the farm outlet.

13    Is it extra virgin?
Yes.  “Extra virgin” means that only top quality olives are harvested, with no rancid or over-ripe olives in the mix, and these are pressed a single time.  Our olives are hand-picked and pressed within 24 hours, resulting in fresh, pure flavours.

14    Is there a freight / transport charge?
Delivery is FREE in the Perth, WA metropolitan area.  For longer distance deliveries door to door, a courier fee will be charged.

15    How long does it last?
If olive oil is kept in cool, dark conditions, it will keep well for at least 2 years from the bottling date.  If you can make it last that long!  Each bottle is marked with a best before date for your easy reference.

16    How long between ordering and delivery?
Depending on availability of yourself and the representative you have spoken to, it can be as little as 24 hours.  Courier deliveries depend on timings of order.

17    What does it taste like?
The oils have a distinctive peppery flavour, and are quite viscous.  People usually enjoy the taste so much that they drizzle it on bread and toast so they can savour it properly.  We don’t blame them.

18    Does it come in bulk?
Yes.  You provide the container and we will provide the oil.