Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The range of subtle and slightly peppery flavoured Whirlwind olive oils has won over the taste buds of Royal Show judges.

Our sun-ripened olives are carefully crushed within 24 hours of hand-picking.  We store our oil in stainless steel tanks in a temperature and pressure controlled environment to retain its quality.

Olive Oil

250ml & 500ml Extra virgin olive oils (EVOO)
Great size for gifts, or on the table for drizzling over salads. Range of EVOO, Fused and Infused.
750ml Extra virgin olive oil
A more substantial size for regular use of olive oil.
5L Stainless steel canister
Stylish and functional, the screw-top tank gives you oil on tap.  Stand included.  Perfect for home storage or a unique gift.
Sold at cost and used as on an exchange system.
Bulk oil in your own container
You provide the container and we provide the oil! Great for the environment and an economical choice for people who like olive oil to cook, drizzle and dip.
Please note, your container (not plastic) must be thoroughly cleaned and sealable with its own lid.


Table Olives

Kalamatas or Californian Queens – marinated
We also offer Kalamatas marinated in a delicious mix of herbs, spices and vinegars.
Kalamatas or Californian Queens – unmarinated
Or, why not unleash your own creative juices on our freshly cured olives?  Choose your desired quantity.